After a very late night, and in a delicate state, we made our way to Warsaw Horror House – a pre-war cellar in Warsaw’s old town. Any plans to appear nonplussed by the situation were abandoned within seconds of entering. Each of us clung on to the man in front of him, shuffling through the dark corridors with only one dimly lit torch to aid us. Before long we were being stalked by a girl – seemingly possessed. This induced an array or shrieks, screams and wails. However, she was the least of our worries. Things took a turn for the worse when the snorting began. “There’s a f***ing pig thing”.

At one point we were pinned against a door by a chainsaw wielding mentalist. Opening the door meant taking a few step towards him. It took us a good few minutes to pluck up the courage to overcome this predicament. Situations such as this add an element of humour to proceedings. When it’s your mate getting his ankle grabbed, it’s hilarious – when it’s you, it’s petrifying!

At various points we were unable to progress until we had found the key to the next room. The key was often easy to find, but in this kind of environment, things suddenly become that much more difficult. At one point we found ourselves cowering in the corner, hugging one another in shear fear. After an intense climax, we burst through the exit – completely drenched in sweat!

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The bottom line: If you only do one thing in Warsaw, make sure you do this. Awesome!

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