Today we received this press please from Escape Quest (Macclesfield):

Exciting news! Our 1st room Curious Encounters has proved to be a big hit with our customers and this means that we are opening our 2nd room even faster than originally anticipated.

Amazon Escape will open on 1st April 2015 and we are happy to announce that Booking is now open.

The theme and back story

You are a group of intrepid explorers entering the Amazon Rainforest. Your guide has advised you to stick to the beaten track. You now wish you’d listened to his advice, inadvertently you wander into the Tribal territory of the Keeyhidi tribe who capture you.

Thrown into a bamboo cage your life hangs in the balance. Until now the tribe have never left you alone, but luck is on your side today and as one of the men of the village prepares to marry a girl from the neighbouring Yohfindy tribe you see an opportunity to escape. The whole village are about to leave to collect the girl and as the Yohfindy village is around a 30 minute walk away I’d guess you’ve got 1 hour to make your escape.

Can You Escape?

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