This is a list of all know UK based Exit games. How many have you completed?

Age of SteampunkEscape LandLondon3-5
Air RaidEscape Plan LiveLondon2-6
Amazon EscapeEscape QuestMacclesfield3-6
AsylumEscape Plan LiveLondon2-10
Bunker 38Clue HQWarrington3-6
ClassifiedBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5
ClassifiedBreakout LiverpoolManchester2-5
Classroom of DoomLocked In GamesLeeds2-5
Cold War RoomCrack The Code SheffieldSheffield3-6
Dr WIlson's OfficeEscape LiveBirmingham2-7
GermEscape Rooms PlymouthPlymouth3-6
Grandpa's Last WillLock'dLondon3-5
Hostage RescueEscape Plan LiveLondon2-6
Hotspur MysteryMake A BreakManchester2-5
InfiltrateBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5
Jail BreakLockinManchester3-6
John MonroePuzzlairBristol2-5
John Monroe's Detective OfficeBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5
Kidnapping in the Living RoomEscape HuntLondon3-6
Lev PastedPuzzlairBristol2-5
Mad ScientistsThe Great Escape GameSheffield2-5
MadchesterBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5
Major X Plow-ShunAgent NovemberLondon3-6
Mission 60LockinManchester3-6
Murder SceneEscape Plan LiveLondon2-8
Museum WarehouseLock'dLondon3-5
Mr Copplestone's curiosity shoppeEscape QuestMacclesfield3-6
Murder in the Artist's BedroomEscape HuntLondon3-6
Mystery CubeMystery CubeLondon2-5
New York RoomGR8escape YorkYork2-6
Nursery NightmaresLocked In GamesLeeds2-5
Operation Blacksheep (satellite)clueQuestLondon3-5
Perpetual MotionLock'dLondon3-5
Pharaoh's Chamber - A Cursed TombEscape RoomsLondon3-6
Pirates in NottinghamLogiclockNottingham3-5
PLAN52 (red box)clueQuestLondon3-5
Prison BreakThe Escape RoomManchester2-6
Room 13Escape LiveBirmingham2-5
Room 13The Escape RoomManchester2-6
ROOM 33 - A Mysterious JourneyEscape RoomsLondon3-5
SabotageBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5
SabotageBreakout LiverpoolManchester2-5
Save the CItyExit NewcastleNewcastle2-8
ShipwreckedBreakout LiverpoolManchester2-5
Six Locked DoorsBath EscapeBath2-6
Slaughter HouseThe Escape RoomManchester2-6
Spy School RoomGR8escape YorkYork2-6
The Classic Live Escape GameEscapeNewcastle3-5
The Classic RoomEscapeEdinburgh2-5
The Da Vinci RoomEscapeEdinburgh2-5
The Double CrossingKeyhunterBirmingham2-7
The Dungeon of DoomClue HQWarrington3-6
The Haunted House EscapeBath EscapeBath2-5
The HazzardEscape Rooms PlymouthPlymouth3-6
The IlluminatiExit StrategyLiverpool2-5
The Lost TreasureLost & EscapeNewcastle2-6
The Mad ScientistEx(c)iting GameOxford3-5
The MummyThe Escape RoomManchester2-6
The Rainbow SyndicateAgent NovemberLondon3-7
The Red CurseKeyhunterBirmingham2-7
The Secret LabThe Escape RoomManchester2-6
The TriadsKeyhunterBirmingham2-7
The VaultClue HQWarrington3-6
The WarehouseEx(c)iting GameOxford3-5
Theft from the LaboratoryEscape HuntLondon3-6
Time Travel to the 1900s!Lost & EscapeNewcastle2-6
Trapped in a room with a ZombieRoom Escape AdventuresLondon3-12
Treasure HunterLockinManchester3-6
unknownBreakout Games AberdeenAberdeen2-6
unknownClue FindersLiverpool3-5
unknownThe Gr8 EscapeBelfast2-8
unknownEscape HourEdinburgh2-5
unknownCan You EscapeEdinburgh3-6
unknownTick Tock UnlockLeeds3-6
unknownTick Tock UnlockLeeds3-6
unknownCambridge Escape RoomsCambridge2-6
VirusBreakout ManchesterManchester2-5

If you can fill in any gaps or know of a game we have missed, please get in touch.

Last updated: 17 February 2015

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