Madness Room @ ExitPoint – Budapest, Hungary

Having completed our previous game in record time, we went into our final room feeling confident, though not cocky (as this usually guarantees a loss). Being a mental health nurse, ‘madness’ is my speciality and I felt at home surrounded by the straight jackets in this ‘psych ward’ themed room. This game was a difficult one, requiring considerable maths and memory skills – not to be attempted after a long hot day and several beers at the ruin pub this game is located in. The pen and paper provided were essential, though even this didn’t help us at times. We missed some very obvious clues which left us kicking ourselves, though we seemed to get there in the end. Help was plentiful despite being told we would only receive one clue every ten minutes.

Getting down to the last few minutes with a number of puzzles and locks still to go, I began to feel despondent and was disappointed we might end our trip with a loss. By 59 seconds I had all but given up, however my lovely team mate and boyfriend J. encouraged me to continue trying to guess the final digit required. More luck than skill, I managed to get the code correct and we escaped with only 12 seconds to go. Informed by our lovely game host that we had done very well on a difficult game, we were presented with a token for a free beer at the bar. Fab room, though one of my hardest challenges yet. Moral of this story is if you don’t know, guess! And don’t give up before your time is up!

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