Terrible Circus @ E-Exit – Budapest, Hungary

This was the fourth game in our ‘escape tour’ of Hungary. A circus themed room which I was especially looking forward to. This game ranks highly in my all-time favourites as it was interactive, colourful and busy. I like to get my hands on all the props and this game had plenty to pick up and play with. With a decent amount of clues and puzzles, this game was logical and challenging without ever becoming frustrating. As a pair we were told we may find it difficult due to the number of puzzles requiring solutions, however we were well into the swing of things and worked quickly. A more inexperienced group however may benefit from larger numbers. Logic and observation played an equal part in this game, some tasks requiring careful thought and good team work.

Our recent record time of 42 minutes was smashed by our 38 minute escape from this game, redeeming ourselves from our close call with certain death in the previous game. A thoroughly enjoyable room, would be great for beginners and experts alike. Great feedback following the game and a discount card for the second room which we can’t wait to go back and try!

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Highly Recommended by PlayExitGames.com

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