Wicklewood Room @ Claustrophilia – Budapest, Hungary

For exit game enthusiasts such as ourselves, the unconventional start to this game didn’t faze us too much, however I think beginners may have been confused. After being buzzed into the building we were then left to fend for ourselves, with only a piece of paper to direct us. Clues came via a help button on the wall when we were stuck, though these tended to be directions rather than hints. Some of the puzzles were well thought out though not as complex as other games. One task involved having to get a ball into a target which proved near-impossible at times and could have been made clearer.

Although the rustic look and feel of the game added to the atmosphere, there were a number of sharp corners and pieces of metal that could have caused injury, especially as we were both in flip flops. We were among the lucky 30% to make it out of the room, missing the 33 minute record by only 9 minutes. Pretty chuffed with ourselves once again considering we were a team of just two. An enjoyable game that could perhaps do with some slight modernisation!

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